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Do you need ceiling texture removal? Are you fed up with your ceiling texture?

Professional ceiling texture removal grow in popularity as  homeowners become  increasingly unhappy at the sight of their outdated ceilings. Without any doubt textured ceilings are a thing of the past, as they are not desirable or aesthetically pleasing like they were before.
The Renovator is your local walls and ceilings specialists. Indeed we provide excellent  Professional texture popcorn ceiling removal services, creating   smooth, and beautiful ceilings that stand in harmony with modern décor and increase the perceived value of a home. 

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Advantage of ceiling texture removal

Disadvantages of ceiling texture popcorn:

It’s an eyesore, non-pleasant, and it darkens the rooms especially in low ceiling rooms compared to flat smooth ceiling.
In addition to that, it’s outdated, it will not match this century décor and furnishing.

Dirt magnet

They collect dirt, dust, and spiderwebs. Once they get dirty, you can’t clean them without damaging the texture.


High cost of repairs and maintenance. For example, a water damage repair will cost you as much as twice compared to the flat ceiling .

Smooth Ceilings are More Desirable


Aesthetically pleasing

After a ceiling texture removal, your ceiling looks smooth and nicer, the room feels fresher, modernized and a more updated. Consequently, it’s much preferable especially during buying or selling a home.

Low cost

Low cost of repairs and maintenance. In case of a moving a light fixture, the repairs will cost you as much half compared to the textured ceiling.
On the other side, you pay less insurance. In fact, fat ceilings will cost you less to insure your home.

Match your decor

Smooth modern ceiling are easily cleaned as well as painted perfectly any color of your choice, to match the room’s decor, beside the white colors.

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We are  insured and complement our work with 2 years warranty.

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How we remove ceiling texture / popcorn?

Our proven 3 step ceiling texture removal process

  1. Preparation:

    The ideal conditions for a ceiling texture removal: is a vacant house, apartment or condo. Covering furniture and shifting them as needed is not recommended at all.
    * Site protection: bag the room! Use plastic to cover walls and floors.
    * Seal doorways to control dust migration.

  2. The removal phase:

    * Use a vacuum attached power sander to bring the ceiling flat. In case of the texture being painted, use scraper and manually achieve ceiling texture removal.
    * Repair all damage to the ceiling.
    * Skim coat surface up to 2 coats
    * For best results, apply 2 coats of high-build primer, we recommend Sherwin William’s ”Builders solution

  3. Finishing touches:

    * Prime ceiling complete.
    * Apply 2 coats of good quality ceiling paint
    * Remove containments and site protection.

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