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Do you need Exterior painting? Are you looking at your house and you see peeling paint, mildew and moss?

No matter what are your needs, The Renovator Professional Exterior painting team will deliver exceptional results for you. Not only our preparation procedures, but also our attention to details will produce craftsmanship and durability to your outdoor painting. As a result, You will get an increase of the value your home and an improvement in its curb appeal.

  • A fresh coat of paint will brighten the look of your house outdoors  for years to come 
  • Seals and waterproofs the exterior surface.
  • Painting provides repairs to all the wears and tears  inflected by the long winters.
  • Also, it improves curb appeal  and makes selling faster and easier.

Schedule a consultation and see how our exterior painting services will provide these benefits to your property:

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What we paint?

The Exterior Painting Services We Offer:

We provide exterior painting services to Surrey and the surrounding areas, and our specialties include: Condominiums, duplexes, townhouses, houses, warehouses, stores and all other commercial buildings. All in all we prepare, paint, and repair just about everything outside your house, including, to name few:


Power Washing and Mildew Treatment:

After a long winter, your house might be covered with mildew, moss, dust and dirt. That’s why, we will give your house an extensive pressure washing.

Stucco and sidings:

You hate the dull looking walls of your house and the faded paint. Call your local painters at The Renovator. Certainly, your home will get in no time a good quality coat of paint


Trim, Fascia, Gates and Doors:

Undoubtedly, professionally prepping and painting trims, fascia, gates and doors will add that feature or accent color to the exterior of your property and enhance its look. The renovator’s exterior painters are a call away, and they are not afraid of heights.

Porches and driveways:

We use epoxy coating for floors for the ultimate protection and performance. As It’s the at most importance to have your concrete and black-top driveways sealed periodically.


Deck and fence staining is, notably, an inexpensive way of waterproofing and having an enjoyable outdoor. Is it complicated and exhaustive work? Call us and we will transform that faded and flaky deck or fence to look bright and stunning once again!.

And a lot more:

-Garages and sheds.
– Railings.
– Metal roofs.


We provide the best Exterior Painting services

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We are  insured and complement our work with 2 years warranty.

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Our remarkable services with budget in mind. Furthermore, every consultation is followed by a free written and detailed estimate

How we do exterior painting ?

Exterior Painting Process step by step

Step into the Light with Our Exterior Painting Process!

  1. Preparation:

    * Power Washing: No exterior painting without pressure washing. Our professional exterior painters will wash your house head to toe, making sure to get rid of dirt and mildew.
    * Scraping and Sanding: Remove loose paint and caulking by scraping and sand the repairs areas.
    * Repair or Replacement: Repairing damages area and replacing items that are beyond repairs,
    * Site protection: Our team will mask all non-patentable spaces or surfaces as requested.
    * Filler and caulking: Cracks, dents, and holes defeat the purpose of painting; hence, we first proper filler and caulking to achieve a sound surface.

  2. The Painting phase:

    * Primer Application: Quality primers to seal repair areas, bare surface and non bonding surfaces.
    * Paint Application: We apply two coats of the quality paint with colors of your choice.
    Cleanup: Remove all painting related debris, and leave behind a clean surrounding.

  3. Inspection

    *Cleanup: Remove all painting related debris, and leave behind a clean surrounding.
    * Final Inspection: inspect that everything meet the industry standards and compile a list of touch up, if any. Next step is completing those touch ups
    * Finally walk through with the customer, and make sure that the job met their satisfaction.

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