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Looking for Interior painting? Need all the tears and wears repaired and turn your home looking like new?

The Renovator Professional Painters will handle all aspects of the interior painting job and deliver exceptional results . You will amazed how your place will be transformed. That’s because of our preparation procedures and attention to details will transform your place. Moreover the durability of the products we use and the craftsmanship of our work will increase the value of your home and an improve it’s comfort.

  • A fresh coat of paint will brighten the look of your rooms  for years to come 
  • Customize your decor to achieve the desired mood.
  • Repair and fix  all the Scuffs, dents and cracks  .
  • Improves it’s real estate value.

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What we paint?

The Exterior Painting Services We Offer:

We provide services in Surrey and the surrounding areas, and our specialties include: Condominiums, duplexes, townhouses, houses, warehouses, stores and all other commercial buildings. In fact we can prepare, paint, and repair just about everything inside your house or work place, including:


Wallpaper Removal:

Wallpaper removal is, usually, more difficult than what it looks to DIY. There are many types of wallpaper that dictate different methods of removal.
The Renovator’s interior painters have the knowledge that covers all wallpaper removal techniques. Firstly we evaluate the condition of the paper and wall. Secondly remove the wallpaper according to best practices. However, by being fast and efficient, the goal is to leave no damage to the surface ,as much as possible.

Bedroom Painting:

After a long day at work , your bedroom is your sanctuary, hence the colors must help you feel peaceful and comfortable and express good mood. Our painting experts recommend lighter colors in lower sheens for the bedrooms because they do reflect less light  compared to higher gloss paint . For instance, Satin sheens are better suited to young children bedrooms, as these are the easiest finishes to clean off crayons marking on the walls.


Bathroom Painting:

Bathrooms need quality paint to fight moisture before it turns into mold. Also, it’s important to repair damage to the walls and the ceiling. If you are planning a bathroom renovation, call The Renovator, because a good repairs before painting  is a necessary step that you should not neglect.

Kitchen Painting:

By just painting, you can easily give your kitchen a new and exiting mood. Furthermore, by choosing a good color scheme , you will create an excellent harmony between: walls, ceiling, crown-molding and other trims. Add to all that the expertise of professional painters, will get a quality paint finish that last long time  and look beautiful. 


Cabinets and built-ins:

Your kitchen is most important room in your home. Obviously, you want a beautiful and easy to clean kitchen cabinets. Our professional interior painters will take the necessary steps to complete a quality job, by removing the  hardware, prepping  surface, and applying a durable finish

Basement Painting:

Whatever your interior painting needs are, we will handle them with proficiency. The list will get really long if we try to mention everything, without forgetting :

– Theatre rooms painting
– Storage rooms painting
– Ceiling painting
– Closets painting
– Living rooms painting


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