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Do you need ceiling texture repair? The Renovator has the experience and equipment needed to match the texture, creating a seamless flow between old and new.

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Your home’s ceilings, compared to the walls, are less vulnerable to damage. Unfortunately once that happens, it becomes very annoying because it is quite visible. Noticeably water stains, cracks or sagging drywall are common problems. Because of a burst pipe, a malfunctioning appliance, a roof problem or a renovation in progress your ceiling texture will require repairs.
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Ceiling texture repair is one among the foremost difficult tasks, the rationale behind that, it needs both an expertise and sense of art to match the existing texture. Hens this is excelled only by a definite niche of repairmen.
At the renovator, we’ve received many calls from unhappy homeowners, to repair somebody else attempt of repair . In cases like this, we have to redo the repair from start. The homeowners wouldn’t have gone through this drama if they called us first time. 
Give us a call, we will fix your textured ceiling, no matter what style of texture you have.

Texture spray

Ceiling texture spray services

Texture application is an old practice in construction. Texture has 2 features: Decoration and hiding. Now-days the hiding aspect is more sought after in a low budget construction and rental properties. That said, spraying texture still needed and the kind of texture is determined by many factors and circumstances. The Renovator can assist you to choose the texture that best fits your project.


Spantex, Orange-Peel texture

Also called splatter texture and is the most common. It has a non-aggregated nature. Definitely it has a more decorating than a hiding characteristic.


Knock-Down texture

At the first phase it an orange-peel that gets flattened. The knockdown finish is the most expensive option. Knockdown is visually appealing because it is light and fluid, and it actually adds a feeling of “height” to a space. As the most popular texture, it provides the most value to your property.


Rough-tex and popcorn

Both are aggregated textures and frequently used in rental or low cost properties . It has a thick finish, which gives the room a sense of ‘weight.’ The advantage of this texture is that it hides the most flaws.


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